Battery FAQs

Do I need a special charger for your lithium batteries?

Fusion Lithium batteries can be charged with any charger that does not have automatic rejuvenation.

What is a maximum discharge voltage of a deep cycle lithium battery?

The recommended discharge voltage for Fusion Lithium Batteries is 10.5V. The BMS will activate discharge protection at a approx 10V.

Can your lithium batteries blow up?

No. We use lithium iron phosphate cells which are the safest cells available. Lithium iron phosphate cells are not physically able to enter into thermal runaway.

What is the life expectancy of a lithium motorcycle battery?

Depending on the application a direct replacement for like size would be expected to last

Can you use a DC to DC charger for deep cycle lithium batteries in a caravan?

Yes. Using a DC to DC charger for lithium deep cycle batteries is the only method of charging via an alternator.

Is it ok to use a trickle charge on a lithium battery?

No. It is advised to use a float charger with no auto rejuvenation.

What is the warranty returns policy?

See warranty information sheet for more details.

Benefits of die cast over expanded?

Die cast grid is created by pouring molten metal into a cast. Expanded grid is the act of stretching the plate to the size requirements. Die cast grid is a considerably more durable approach.

How to test if a battery is faulty?

Bring it into one of our retail centres for a free test.

What is the difference between AGM & Gel?

True GEL is better suited for mobility and has a higher cycle life than AGM.

Can I buy off Super Start?

Yes you can, unless there is a distributor in your area which you must purchase off them.

Is it a myth that you can’t put batteries on a concrete floor?

Yes it is. We recommend not leaving them on concrete floor for long term though.