NSB-AGM34 12V Pure Lead Battery

Technical Data
Part No NSB-AGM34
Volts 12
CCA 1050
Reserve Capacity 133
Length 276mm
Width 171mm
Height 181mm
Terminal Height 197mm
Weight 22.68KG
AH (20hr) 64
Regular Charge 6.4
Max Charge 16
Plate Type Pure Lead
Separator Type Absorbed Glass Mat
Usage Starting Deep-Cycle Marine Standby
Terminal Type
Side Terminal
Terminal Assembly
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Out Of Stock
PRICE $365.59

One of the World's Best AGM Batteries – 5 Years Warranty

     •  Ultra High Performance

     •  Pure Lead AGM Technology 

       Delivers exceptional CCA  ratings and Reserve Capacity cycling ability

     •  Quick Starting Every Time

     •  Cycles over 400 times to 80% Depth of Discharge

     •  Faster Recharge than Conventional Batteries

     •  Made in the USA

         at a fully automated state-of-the-art battery plant

     •  OEM fit is Ensured 

          Built to exact BCI standards

     •  Housed in Advanced Plastics 

         For durability, performance and heat resistance

     •  Advanced AGM Construction 

        Means no water levels to check or terminals to clean

     •  Approved as Non-Hazardous 

         Approved as non-dangerous cargo for ground, sea, and air transport - DOT 49CFR173.159(d), (i)  and (ii)

NorthStar Ultra High Performance AGM Batteries are the most reliable batteries available, providing our customers with security and the lowest overall cost of ownership in the most demanding applications. NorthStar Batteries use the latest innovative technologies to deliver exceptional performance and longer lifetime, no matter what you drive or where you drive it. Install a NorthStar battery for superior cranking, unrivalled cycling, faster recharge and minimal maintenance, even in extreme conditions.
To make batteries of this high quality, you need state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. NorthStar Batteries are proudly made in the USA, using the latest automated manufacturing processes and setting a high standard in environmental responsibility.

NorthStar Batteries are designed for under bonnet use meaning that they can be used in cars, 4WD’s, motor homes, trucks, buses and commercial equipment. They are also the perfect choice for dual battery systems, caravans, boats and even camping. Whether you use NorthStar Batteries as a starting battery, deep-cycle battery, marine battery, back-up power supply battery or a combination of any of the above, our 4 Years National Replacement Warranty is unconditional of use.

Independently tested to outperform other leading brands made in the USA.

Don’t settle for anything less - If you demand the Best, you need a NorthStar Ultra High Performance battery.

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  • Sydeny metro area: Next business day
  • Other cities of Australia: 2 ~ 5 business days (except NT&TAS)
  • NT, TAS & remote areas: 5 ~ 8 business days
  • Allow extra time for dangerous goods
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